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an open source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.

Downloads page

32-bit application

Download Status Year of issue Current ID Support See what improvements have been made
FreePcb v2.0 released 2019 32L No link(to just read)
FreePcb v2.0 + Schematic Constructor v1.0 released 2020 33u No link(to just read)
FreePcb v2.1 + Schematic Constructor v1.1 released 2021 31 No link(to just read)
FreePcb v2.2 + Schematic Constructor v1.2 released 2021 21 Yes link(to just read)
FreePcb v2.3 + Schematic Constructor v1.3 just released 2022 26 Yes link(home)

Schematic constructor is distributed under the DonationWare license. If you liked the package and started using it, then you must either post the link “” on your website (or on your social media page), or donate $ 10 to the Freepcb-2 foundation.

Why is the Current ID of long-released versions sometimes updated? Why update the program if everything works anyway? It would seem that the program works stably, and you do not have the slightest desire to waste precious time on this. In order to verify otherwise, it should be understood that updates of working versions are released to fix bugs, and new features or improvements can only be made to the latest debug version of FreePcb2. When a developer finds a critical security breach in a product through the debug version, he releases updates to previous versions of the product. Timely software updates ensure that you are using the most current version without bugs and vulnerabilities.