an open source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.

Mechanical Polylines

Click the menu item MECHANICAL LINES in the main menu ADD.

Using the dialog box that appears, you can add to the PCB project:

How to add polyline (Freepcb2)

After selecting the layer, you can immediately select the fill style of the polyline. If you want to draw a filled area, check FULL. Next, another dialog box will appear in which you need to select a opened or closed line. If you want to draw a filled area, check the CLOSED checkbox. And finally, you need to enter the line thickness without forgetting the units of measurement on the right.

How to add polyline (Freepcb2)

Start drawing a line. When you want to finish drawing, right-click to stop dragging.

Example: How to add polyline (Freepcb2)

To repeat drawing a line with the same parameters and in the same layer as the previous drawn line, press F4_REPEAT_LINE in the None Selection mode.