How to add area cutout

an open source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.

How to add area cutout

When the side of the copper area is highlighted, press the F7 Add Cutout softkey.

Sometimes it makes sense to refill a piece of the copper area instead of completely refilling it. This is necessary, for example, when you have a fill that you manually adjusted, and there is no need to completely re-fill. In order to re-fill a piece of the copper area, in addition to the cutout to the same place, you need to add a new area for further pouring. While drawing a cutout in the drag mode of the first vertex, press the F7 Area Repour function button.

At the end of the drag, fill the formed copper area.

And then merge the fill by clicking on the main menu DRC-> Check Copper Areas

And these ugly corners will be deleted using the function F9 Delete Bridge

It turned out a piece of copper area with a different clearance