What is Infobox for FreePCB-2?

an open source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.

What is Infobox for FreePCB-2?

Infobox is the main application of the entire FreePcb-2 tools. Using Infobox you can:

1) Launch other gadgets using the right-click menu on the Infobox info field:

2) Jump on a part or pin according to the list

3) Filter the list of parts and pins by various parameters and highlight the filtered elements on the PCB.

4) Generate BOM-file

5) Find changes between PCB project versions

and etc.

To open the menu, right-click on the infobox window (on the list)

During operation, the infobox sends requests to the main FreePCB window and receives data from it in the form of commands hanging in RAM. As a result of which, while working with antivirus programs, problems can sometimes arise. If your antivirus software thinks that Infobox is a virus, then you will have to add it to the exclusion list.