an open source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.

Layer visibility

Click on the box opposite the layer in the left panel to make the layer visible / invisible.

Layer visibility (Freepcb2)

With buttons 1 and 2 you can switch the view of the board TOP view and BOTTOM view, respectively. In this case, the visibility of the opposite layer is automatically turned off.

With buttons 3 and 4 you can change the priority display layer of the TOP COPPER layer and BOTTOM COPPER layer, respectively. If you press the button again, the corresponding layer of silk-screen printing will go to the background. Sometimes useful.

When you click on a PCB element, then the elements of the active layer have priority. So for example, if you need to select a track in the INNER1 layer, first make INNER1 layer an active layer by pressing button 5

Layer visibility (Freepcb2)

If you don’t like the fact that when pressing buttons 1 or 2 some opposite layers become invisible and you do not need it, but you want to use these buttons when editing printed circuit boards, then make both layers (Top View & Bottom View) invisible, and these the buttons will work similar to the first classic version of FreePcb. The buttons 1 and 2 to switch the TOP COPPER layer and BOTTOM COPPER layer.