an open source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License.

Mirror PCB

You can make a bottom view of the printed circuit board next to the main printed circuit board.

Using the TOOLS -> MOVE ORIGIN main menu function, position the origin to the right of the border line at a distance of about 1 mm.

How to mirror a PCB

In the dialog box, you need to select “Try to retain reference designators” as well as “Offset from original position”.

How to mirror a PCB

Then click OK and it is very important not to remove the selection to immediately reflect the elements of the printed circuit board by pressing the F3 (Change Side) button.

How to mirror a PCB

How to mirror a PCB

Now you need to create gerber files for the layers you want to print. Press CTRL+G and in the dialog box select the layers, as well as the folder for printing. Press the DEFAULT button several times to select a name. I usually lean toward the name PRINT …

Now the folder has appeared in the main menu FILE.

If the folder does not appear...

In the Shortcut folder (in the directory with FreePcb-2), place a shortcut that refers to the gerber file viewer.. The Gerber File Viewer must support the drag & drop function for folders, for example as ViewMate, Geda’s gerbv or GerberLogix. If you use any other viewer program and want it to work in tandem with FreePcb-2, then write your offer on the Freepcb-2 support mail, and we will try to configure it.